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The Power of Storytelling - Spring 2020

Trinity magazine has moved to a primarily digital format for Spring 2020. This transition, made in acknowledgement of our current environment, has allowed us to enhance your experience with the publication, adding audio and video components and more space for stories.

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The Power of Storytelling

Pick up a pen or place your hands on a keyboard: Three Trinity English professors offer tips and advice on telling your stories through poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, with examples from alumni and students.

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Tested by Experience

For a university that prides itself on its residential campus and experiential campus, being asked to move out and move online is a tall task. Trinity community members share their stories about grief and growing pains, but also about personal triumphs.

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Break a Sweat

Right now, we're all sweating both the big and the small stuff. And Trinity's professors, alumni, counselors, psychologists, and spiritual leaders want you to know that's OK. It's healthy to grieve; it's natural to worry; and it's human to feel overwhelmed.

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Facts Speak For Themselves

Right now, reliable information is as hot a commodity as toilet paper. It feels like we're getting conflicting advice around every corner about how to stay safe, how to stay healthy, and how to stay ourselves. Now, more than ever, is the time to cut out the noise and pay attention to the experts. From health care leadership to the economic aftermath, Trinity professors offer their expert takes on topics related to COVID-19.

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Raise Your Voice

As our world changed this spring, we asked the Trinity community to describe their new normal. Students have searched for new spaces to learn and grow, faculty and staff have formed new routines, and alumni and parents have had lifelong plans altered in the blink of an eye. Your voices have told us that this "new normal" is really anything but.

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Share Your Story

Trinity University is collecting stories, documents, and materials related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Contribute your memories and materials to University Archives to help deepen Trinity’s historical narrative.