Laredo, Texas Course Trip


The learning experience for a group of Trinity students goes beyond the classroom to Laredo, Texas. Economics professor Maria Paganelli collaborated with the United States Border Patrol to organize an in-depth tour of the Laredo Sector as a part of a multifaceted first-year seminar called "A Nation of Immigrants." Political science professors Rosa Aloisi and Katsuo Nishikawa accompanied the class on the excursion.

Above: Students stand next to the river that separates Texas and Mexico and are introduced to various forms of patrol utilized in Border Patrol Operations, including boat and bike patrol.


A Border Patrol agent discusses with students the method used by the agency to analyze and differentiate shoe prints found in the sand. 


Agents show the group areas of the Rio Grande River where immigrants cross from Mexico into Texas.


An agent speaks to professors Aloisi, left, and Nishikawa at the end of the trip.

Photos by Anh-Viet Dinh '15 from Houston, TX. Dinh, a biology major and photographer for marketing communications and campus publications, can be reached at adinh [at]