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Let Us Entertain You - Fall 2018

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Editor's Note

If laughter is the best medicine, the final scene from Modern Family season 6, episode 10 is the cure. I won’t spoil it for you, but after Lily has been trying all episode to pry from her cousins “how babies are made,” she finally summarizes her theory in her own words to Alex, Luke, and Manny. I usually only get tears in my eyes from Sarah McLaughlin adopt-an-animal or St. Jude’s commercials, but y’all, this scene had me in stitches.

Having recently experienced the less Lily-ified, more scientific truth to how babies are made, and having successfully made one for Cabral and myself, I can tell you another (non-scientific) truth: Laughter is the best medicine. There is nothing quite like the sounds of a baby giggling because he thinks peas are funny, shrieking because he turned to his favorite page in his favorite book, or hysterically squealing because his favorite ball makes a fart noise. Even after a hard day at the office or a long night in online classes, it’s almost impossible not to laugh right along with him.

Reader, when is the last time you belly laughed—from your gut, with tears in your eyes, without a care about who could see or hear you? If your answer is less recent than “yesterday,” it’s been too long.

We’ve crafted this issue to spread a little joy, to work a little magic, to entertain. It may not inflict those belly laughs (though Jeremy throws a few amazing punches), but we hope it lets you take a step back from polarizing dinner table conversations or overwhelming social media comment sections to simply enjoy the world around you. Immerse yourself in scenes that are funny, smart, and fantastic. Laugh with the jokes in I Love You, America. Admire the costuming in Big Little Lies. Act out the fight scenes from In the Heights with your leftover wrapping paper tubes. Hey, we’re not advocating that you abandon all causes and drop all protest signs—we just want you to take a break for a little while.

Let us—and let these award-winning Trinity students, faculty, and alumni—entertain you!

Laughing out loud (all the time),

Jeanna Goodrich Balreira ’08