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Editorial and Advisory Boards

IMPACT Editorial Board

Jeanna Balreira, editor
Carlos Anchondo
Mark Brodl
Susie Gonzalez

Peggy Sundermeyer

IMPACT Advisory Board

The IMPACT advisory board serves as a collective body of faculty and staff experts who represent their respective departments, programs, and research areas in the Arts & Humanities, STEM, and Business & Social Sciences. Board members act as advocates for the publication, advising on standards set forth by the submission criteria and actively encouraging engagement from their colleagues and peers.

Vicki Aarons
Angela Breidenstein
Jorge Colazo
Jane Costanza
Jason Johnson
Carl Leafstedt
Jen Mathews
Maria Paganelli
Patrick Shay
Heather Sullivan
Adam Urbach
Harry Wallace

As Jane Goodall implored of us in September 2015 on the importance of media, "Share what you know with the rest of the world!" (An Evening with Jane Goodall, 41:47). We cannot wait to share how Trinity has impacted our knowledge, our community, and our world.